Create Bokehlicious Delights.

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Whenever i have a chance to go out and capture some photos ,I try to practice the photography lessons i learned about. Maybe the most one i am attracted to is BOKEH! Bokeh (pronounced boh-kay and sometimes boke-uh) is the japanese photographic term for … Continue reading

Holga Challenge – Shaima & Nada

Two of our co-founders have been mentioned in A ‘lil HooHaa’s blog; they participated in Holga’s challenge “Your Town”. Shaima took pictures of Geneve and Nada Kuwait, both did an amazing job, well done girls. Shaima:              … Continue reading

Film photography seminar in Kuwait

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I’m glad to see that film photography in Kuwait is getting more recognition, my friend Athoob and her husband are having a film photography seminar, support them by booking your seat online now! To register, please visit By ThExpat

Polaroid SX-70 User Manual

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I have recently bought a Polaroid SX-70 (Alpha 1), complete with its accessory set, and to my luck, it came with the original user’s guide. Since we here at the Shoot Film blog are all about sharing useful informarion, I thought I … Continue reading

The Four Youtube Channels on Film Photography You Need to Bookmark

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#1: The Mijonju Show Perhaps by far the most popular Youtube channel on film photography. Mijonju will take you on a journey to re-discover the beauty of film cameras. Known for his crazy camera collection (..and that’s a fraction of the … Continue reading