The Four Youtube Channels on Film Photography You Need to Bookmark

#1: The Mijonju Show

Perhaps by far the most popular Youtube channel on film photography. Mijonju will take you on a journey to re-discover the beauty of film cameras. Known for his crazy camera collection (..and that’s a fraction of the collection, amazing!), his channel would often feature hands-on reviews on both cameras, films, and occasional tutorials and DIYs.

Find Mijonju on:

#2: The Art of Photography

Youtube’s very own prestigious school of photography. Want to take a course in Photography, but can’t afford signing up for one? Ted Forbes is here to the rescue! When it comes to understanding photography as an art, this channel never fails to deliver. Between explaining the technicalities of how each medium of photography works, featuring the great masters of photography, to even holding a series of live classes (of which you can participate in), Ted will help you develop your own style and become a better photographer.

Find the Art of Photography on:

#3: Feeling Negative

I came across this Youtube channel while looking up reviews of the Voigtlander Bessa R3M (I ended up getting the R2M), and I’m glad I did! If you want to learn more about the basics of film photography, from the different types of cameras to the A-Z of film processing, then this channel is just for you.

Find Feeling Negative on:

#4: The Film Photography Podcast

Part of an awesome bi-weekly, internet radio show called The Film Photography Podcast. Hosts Michael Raso and Mat Marrash will discuss a variety of topics ranging from reviews of vintage and contemporary cameras, to countless photography tips and tricks, all in an informative and casual manner.

Photography Podcast On:
Audio Podcast:

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