Lc-Wide Love

I LOVE the LC-Wide! It is the second Lomography Camera I got. The first one I bought was the Diana which I just hated full stop. Don’t ask why. I either do not know how to use it or we just do not match. However I loved the Holga, though it is not made by Lomography but it is toy camera.

However, I fell in love with the Lc-Wide from the first roll! I loved the colours and the insanely wide and sharp images! This could be another reason why I did not like the Diana for the latter is too dreamy for my taste. I know it is a toy but still. I mean, If we can get a better toy like the LC-A series then why not?

I leave you with some pictures from the Lc-Wide. I tried the Lomography film 100, the 200, the 400 and Red-scale as well as Ilford400 and a commercial Kodak 200. All results were interesting. I also tried multiple exposures and Panoramas.


Using the Square Mask. 100 ISO Lomo Film


Multiple Shop Windows` Exposures. I don’t remember lol. 400 ISO Lomo Film


My Kids. Not sure either 100 or 200 ISO Lomo Film


LegoLand. 100 or 200 Lomo Film


Nature. 100 ISO Lomo Film


Heart of Stone. 100 ISO Lomo Film


Al-Madina. Saudi Arabia. Ilford 400 ISO

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