Film photography in Kuwait

  • Where to buy film cameras in Kuwait?

Still some Digital shops & Photo Labs sell small compact cameras mostly from china. But if your are looking for old used ones, you will find them in Friday Market (Kuwait flea Market). We suggest you drop by on weekends.

  • Where To Process (Develop) Your Films In Kuwait?

1. Qurtuba Co-Op Studio.

Color negative Films only (C-41).

Address: Qurtuba Mall Shop No.7 Tel: +25319648

Note: Quick Service.

2. Ashkanani.

Color negatives films (C-41) – Black & White.

Address: Salmiya -Baghdad St. Tel: +25635183- +25642771

  • Where To Scan Your Negatives In Kuwait?

1. Qurtuba Co-Op Studio.

Address: Qurtuba Mall Shop No.7 Tel: +25319648

2. Ashkanani.

Address: Salmiya -Baghdad St. Tel: +25635183- +25642771

3. Boushihri Photo Service.

Address: Salmiya- Baghdad St. – Building No.36 Tel: +25620007


75 thoughts on “Film photography in Kuwait

    • And also Asharf in Qurtba, they only proccess not print. And ashaknani they print but they don’t make it’s 6×6 they treat it as 35mm frame!! So make sure they scan it in the meduim format.

      • Hey,

        May you please elaborate further? Im new to medium format photography.

        Whats the difference between processing and filming?

        Thanks Again!

      • Sorry Dalal, I just found out my 1st reply didn’t go through. It sound strange in my 2nd reply starting with” And” lol.
        Lets start from the beginning. Process is to develop the film. In Ashraf in Qurtba they do develop all film except they don’t print 120 films. At Ashaknani they do develop and print 120 films. BUT the problem they don’t print the 120 as square. You can see in our blog some of my prints how they look. So your better option is to scan hour negative at home if you have scanner.
        I hope this will make it clear and make. Let me know if you need anything.

  1. Hi, very nice and helpful website. I would like to ask if you know of a place where to get 35mm film in kuwait. like kodak portra, kodak ektar or fujicolor pro 400h. thank you

    • Hi! Thanks for visiting the website!
      I’m afraid the film selection here is unfortunately very limited. The ones I’ve found so far are either Kodak Gold 200, or Fujicolor 200. They;re quite decent films.
      If you happen to pass by your local photo lab, you might find one of them in stock. Also, try AAB World or Ashraf.
      Best of luck!

  2. I am glad to find this site.. Good job!
    Which of the above 2 developers you prefer? I tried Ashkanani once and I was disappointed of the quality. My negative was full of scratches and dried residuals and dirt obviously he never cleaned his chemicals for years may be, in addition he did not use sleeves and obviously was full of finger prints. I scan my own negatives and I believe because of their high quality scanners they don’t really care about how clean is the negatives since their scanner is capable of removing all of these.

    Tried Ashraf too at Qurtuba Coops and it was much better but I don’t really like the “photo fast” kind of developing and he can’t help you if you want to push or pull your film ISO.

    I got my C4 chemicals to develop at home but I am still lazy to start. I wonder if there is any body else who does decent negatives developments!

    • Thank you. I totally agree with you about Ashkanani, I had the same problem with them. Because most the time am not in Kuwait I process my film when I travel. And I done my black and white at home with ilford chemicals. I have never tried C4.

  3. I came across a new 35mm film called cinestill which is basically a Kodak motion picture film that they still use to date in motion film making .. its treated to suits still photography and the idea behind it is very interesting check it out

    I ordered few and can’t wait to shoot it. So yeah .. Film is not dead 🙂

  4. Hey!
    Glad I came across this this. Quick question: can I buy photo chemicals in Kuwait or should I order them? And if I were to order them, will the customs allow them in?

    • Hi there,

      Unfortunately to our knowledge, no ones sells chemicals in shops here in Kuwait. And regardeing ordering by mails, yes you might have issues with customs. Although we advice you to inquire from the courier company, there is one guy managed to order 2 years ago.

      Tell us what are you looking for, we might help you. since we have access to someone that have items for sale (chemicals, films, reels)


  5. I don’t think you can find the chemicals in Kuwait so you need to order them.

    Kodak makes them in powder and I have ordered these with no problem. Just avoid the ready made liquid ones.

  6. Hi, I have some very old limited edition kodak films, maybe at least 30 years old. Do you know where I can take them to for printing?

  7. Hello, does anyone know where can I find 35mm film in Kuwait? since it’s 2018 it’s so hard for me to even find one roll, and if any of you guys have an Instagram where you post analog…..

      • Hi it’s been 5 years since my last post to this site. I am glad to see people still interested in analog photography in kuwait.

        I just would like to share the following from experience.

        No film development any more in kuwait to my knowledge since I stopped searching and started developing at home which is an important part of the fun you get out of analog photography. Color negative development is easy and you can find the chemicals at Amazon. You need also to invest in a good scanner to scan your negatives. I have found some vintage good scanners on eBay but unfortunately became very expensive right now. There are many ways to scan however and internet is full of articles.

        I buy my negative films from amazon or eBay and I don’t think you can find them anymore in kuwait neither Dubai. You can always get good deals buying in bulk.

        If interested in Polaroid films I get the impossible film (a remake of the original Polaroid instant film) for my SX70 camera .. Fuji FP-100c the peel kind of film is no more in production 2 years ago and I still have 10s of it in my fridge 🙂

        If anyone interested I can give away a roll of professional negative Kodak portra 400 of Fuji Pro 400 and will develop it for you if this will make you go into film photography:)

        I have also a nice Canon EOS film body camera I will give it away to whom is inretested especially if you use the digital canon eos then you can use your lenses on it. (Body only) you need to have a lens.

        Visit my Instagram @_ahammoud I have mix of digital and film photography and posts about beautiful film cameras that I collect and film development.

        Keep shooting film.

      • Thanks Abdulrahman for your information.
        Regarding the Fuji FP-100c I also I have few boxes, but I am looking for the Fuji FP-3000, the black and white, do you have any?

      • No unfortunately these were discontinued 3 or 4 years before they discontinue the color one. You can find them on amazon and eBay sometimes but tooooo expensive.

  8. Hello
    I recently got the ricoh 500 35mm film camera. Do you happen to know where I can purchase film for it?

  9. Hello just wanted to ask if anyone knows where I can purchase disposable cameras in Kuwait. I know it is preferable to order online but I am traveling soon (to an island, so no film cameras there for sure) and wanted to use some to take photos. Please send any information my way I would really appreciate the help.

  10. Hi

    Syed Imran here from BHM Store (DUBAI) ,We’re official distributor for ILFORD Photo B&W Films ,Papers & Chemistry.

    I’m looking for resellers in Kuwait who can stocks for ilford product , pls someone from here can suggest me good resellers .

    Ps – We do delivery to Kuwait even . If anyone needed of films & chemistry can visit our online store


  11. Hi,
    Not sure if you guys still receiving notifications or not.

    I have a small stock of 35mm negative films Kodak Porta 400 and Fuji Pro 400 that I want to give away free of charge for those who still shoot film. these were freezed in my fridge. I don’t recall the expiry date .. 2015 and 2016 may be and some 2018. They are all still in great status.

    If anyone is interested please send me a private message on instagram @_ahammoud


  12. Hi,

    I’m trying to get into film photography and I’m thinking of ordering the Leica M6 or the Canon AE-1 from Amazon since I can’t find anywhere to buy film cameras in Kuwait, but I wanted to ask if there are places that sell film and develop film now? I don’t want to buy a camera and be stuck with undeveloped film.

    Many thanks.

    • I highly recommend the canon, I have been using for ages and never failed me. Regarding the development there is very few in Kuwait one of them is Ashraf in Qurtba co-op. The other option is gulf photo plus in Dubai. don’t let the undeveloped film stop you from shooting, you will always find a place when you travel : )

  13. What are your thoughts on buying a scanner and scanning developed film at home? I’m thinking it would save time/money, and the photos will be cleaner (no fingerprints, dust, etc), no?
    But I still don’t know if any place in Kuwait develops films, do the places you’ve listed still develop films?

    • Sorry for the late reply. You can develop you film in Ashraf in Qurtba co-op. Regrading the scanner you can your Eposn negative scanner flat. Or Kodak have new one small it easy to use

  14. Hi Abdulrahman, my name is Chris and I am very interested in negative films if you still have them to give away that is. Thank you

  15. hi dalal I would like to ask if you know of a place where to get 35mm film in kuwait. like kodak portra, kodak ektar or fujicolor pro 400h.

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