The Impossible Project Workshop

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I had a great time today at the Impossible project workshop. I’m used to the old Polaroid film, and have never used their film. Today at the workshop Tom gave us a pack of Silver shade pack and explained to us how to use it and … Continue reading

At the Button shop… Part 1

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The Taylors Button Shop sells all kinds of buttons, and she still make some with her old wrapped button maker. I love to go there and chat with the owner and take pictures; I took these shots with the Yashica Mat 124 G using Ilford Delta … Continue reading

Shoots from Olympus Trip 35

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I got an Olympus trip 35 on my birthday. It’s a beautiful point and shoot camera, easy to carry around. Took it with me to my trip to Makka and Madina, I used Ilford HP4 Plus 125 and developed it home, then scanned it … Continue reading

Hello Film Photographers!


We created this blog with the intention of keeping film photography alive. Why? Because we love it and believe that the world should still see and enjoy the real beauty of analogue. Nothing, we repeat NOTHING, beats the feeling of loading your camera with a film roll, clicking photos, taking the roll back to the processing shop and waiting for the photos. The best part is when you pick and open them up! They could be good, bad, funny, underexposed, overexposed but in general, the whole idea is that it is real and fun.

So, our intention here really is to share our tips, photos and answer any of your questions wherever possible. So, do not hesitate to ask or even share your tips in the comment box or by dropping us an email.

So snap away and take as many photos as you can for they are moments that pass. If you do not take them at the right moment, they will be gone.. Forever.