26 Disposable camera shoot by less-privileged 26 girls

Project Soar is helping under-served communities to soar a little higher through art, design and renovation projects, as well as through sports and health education. The project was co-founded by Maryam Montague and her husband Chris Redecke, who I had chance to meet and work with.

Last April I had the idea of sending disposable cameras to the girls and to run a photography workshop with them so they could document their daily lives. Last September, with help of the amazing photographer Delphine Warin teaching them how to use the cameras, the girls started to photograph around the village and in their homes. This month I was able to get the films and process them, and the result was amazing. Looking through the photos, I saw a couple of girls had a talent for photography.

These are a few of the photos that I would like to share with you. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, I am selling the prints in A4 size and the money would go towards Project Soar.

09140034 09120018 09110034 09060035 09060030 09060006 09050005 09040038 09030016 09020028 08980037 08980018


4 thoughts on “26 Disposable camera shoot by less-privileged 26 girls

  1. Cool project! I tried to do something similar in Namibia – except I had them make matchbox pinhole cameras – but nearly all the cameras ended up with light leaks or other technical problems! Blame the instructor

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