Venice with Ektar

I got my Venice trip films today: 3 Holga, 1 Canon EOS A2 and 1 Lomography’s LC-Wide. I am loving all the results!

For the photos here, I used my old Canon A2 Camera. It has been my camera from 1995 to 2005. I basically shot all my family portraits and memories with it. I thought I’d take it out and use it again. The film used is Kodak’s Ektar. It is the first time I use this film and to be honest, I was too scared to at first because I read it is better not to use it for portraits. However, I gave it a try with some street shots and portraits and I am loving it. I will use it again for sure.

Enjoy! I hope you like them.

7 thoughts on “Venice with Ektar

  1. oh such a lovely snaps!….. thank you for introducing ektar,had fears like you too.
    can’t wait for the rest.

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