Lc-Wide in Venice

The LC is my favourite camera from Lomography. I have the Lc-Wide (here’s my first post about it) and I am itching to get the LC-A although I know I do not really need it. I always love the effects I get, whatever film I put in. This time, I used Portra 160 and the colours turned up so nice. This camera is best for landscape I guess but I prefer shooting closer shots. I just love how sharp it is when I shoot an object at an arm’s length. It is just insanely sharrrrrp! That is why I try mostly to shoot close objects and people.

The following photos are in Venice again. Because of it being too wide, some things that I didn’t want in the photos showed up. This is because what you see in the viewfinder is not exactly what you get on the photo. It is wider than you think. Therefore, I cropped some of them at the sides to take off what I didn’t want.

Next time I will post more photos shot in Geneva from the same film.

4 thoughts on “Lc-Wide in Venice

  1. Now I know two bloggers. You are ‘the best’. Yr Venice photos reminded me of our wonderful trip. I may have an image like your last one. Don’t forget to remember us in California. I have not been there yet 🙂 Best wishes and Dua

  2. Abbas: Thanks for popping over here 🙂 Thank you. We are still not sure where we are going, could be US, could be somewhere in Asia but we will always remember you 🙂

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