At the train station in Prague…Part 4

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When I had nine photos left in my camera, I decided to go to the Masaryk railway station; when I got there I wished that I had extra film. The lighting was great there and it was very different from … Continue reading

At the train station in Prague….Part 1

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I’ve always liked to go to train stations, and I found out that in Prague you can go to the platform without buying a ticket. It was nice to walk around and see the movement of the people in and … Continue reading

Holga Challenge – Shaima & Nada

Two of our co-founders have been mentioned in A ‘lil HooHaa’s blog; they participated in Holga’s challenge “Your Town”. Shaima took pictures of Geneve and Nada Kuwait, both did an amazing job, well done girls. Shaima:              … Continue reading

Street photography in Prague…. Part 3

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After a couple of hours of walking around Prague’s street, I stopped at the tram stop and took photos of people inside the trams. My first couple of shots were not that good because of the reflections, until I found … Continue reading

Street Photography in Prague…..Part 2

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In part 1 of my street photography in Prague, I mentioned how my roll of 36 ended up with a group of similar shots. Today I will post pictures of the ladies. It’s amazing how with only 36 frames you can get … Continue reading

Street photography in Prague….Part 1

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I took my Canon AE-1 for a walk in the streets of Prague. It was a cloudy day, and I thought it would be good to use the Ilford HP5 400. I took random shots of things that interested me … Continue reading

Portraits with Rolleifelx

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I find that the best shots I take tend to be portraits with my Rolleiflex planar 2.8 e. Firstly, it’s because I like taking portraits, and secondly, people don’t mind my taking their photos with it. Finally, I like the old-style portraits. … Continue reading