Portraits with Rolleifelx

I find that the best shots I take tend to be portraits with my Rolleiflex planar 2.8 e. Firstly, it’s because I like taking portraits, and secondly, people don’t mind my taking their photos with it. Finally, I like the old-style portraits. I used the Kodak Portra 160 film in these shots.

7 thoughts on “Portraits with Rolleifelx

  1. Very nice portraits, I see you are enjoying your new toy. I tried Fujicolor Portrait film 160NPS, and the colours were amazing, wonder what images you could get with your new camera! Have fun.

    • Thank you, yes am trying to enjoy it, but it’s quite difficult here, people don’t speak English! It hard to ask for there portraits! I have tried fujicolor expired in the Yashica and got great result, will try it with rolliefelx and will post about it.

  2. I absolutely love those portraits. They seem like really nice people. I am glad you are enjoying the camera. I agree on portraits and medium format, I feel it is made for portraits.

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