In Jakarta

I took the Yashica-24 with me on my last trip to Indonesia and I must say, although I love using it, it was not practical. I did not take a lot of photographs with it to be honest as I had small children with me, stuff to carry and other cameras lol. I used one roll and a half: the first roll was ruined and in this roll, I took a few pictures there (the rest were back home in kuwait). I got it processed in my favourite shop/lab in Geneva and received it today. I must say, so far, it’s my favourite place to process. The developing, the contact sheet, the scan and the handling is really clean. I will surely send my films to process there wherever possible.

The first two photographs were taken in the antique market whereas the last one was in the Monas gardens. I don’t like the colours so much I don’t know why, although some other photos from the same film had better colours. Maybe it’s from the light that day.

Film used: kodak Portra 400. Images slightly cropped.

Antique Market 1

Antique Market 1

Antique Market 2

Antique Market 2



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