New film Photography sites

I have discovered two websites dedicated to film photography, Film shooters collective is blog that was only recently started two months ago, and already has 120 photographers  from around the world sharing their photos through the website itself, and it’s tumblr and facebook pages. Film shooters collective are currently aiming to reach 500 members. They welcome all and every film photographer interested in showcasing their photos.

The second website is called March of film and it’s a theme-based project. Throughout the month of March there will be an ongoing film photography project. A list of ten themes will be announced on the first of March and you can upload photos related to the themes on their flickr group. At the end of March, the creators are planning to publish a book of the best photos they’ve received. You can follow them on twitter to get the latest updates.

3 thoughts on “New film Photography sites

  1. These are fantastic!! Support the survival of film photography. Check out too. A new start up publication and gallery, exclusively for traditional photography artists.

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