Holga Challenge – Shaima & Nada

Two of our co-founders have been mentioned in A ‘lil HooHaa’s blog; they participated in Holga’s challenge “Your Town”. Shaima took pictures of Geneve and Nada Kuwait, both did an amazing job, well done girls. Shaima: http://hoohaablog.com/?p=4054              … Continue reading

Portrait from Kuwait souk.

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I always like to shoot portraits, and I found it was easy to do so with my Olympus Trip 35. I took these shots in Souk Al Mubarakiya in Kuwait. Because it was a small camera, people were willing to let me … Continue reading

At Almobarakiya with a film camera

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Two weeks ago I had a photo walk to test my new camera, Zorki 4. It’s a Russian rangefinder camera that been produced between 1956- 1973. I bought it from Ukraine via eBay. It’s a solid camera, and really feels good … Continue reading

Film photography seminar in Kuwait

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I’m glad to see that film photography in Kuwait is getting more recognition, my friend Athoob and her husband are having a film photography seminar, support them by booking your seat online now! To register, please visit http://Tasweery.com By ThExpat

Redscale Mysteries!

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Redscale is the name given to a technique of shooting photographic film where the film is exposed from the wrong side. Therefor resulting a bit unpredictable effect and varies in strength. Colors seem to range from maroon, to red, to orange, to yellow, depending … Continue reading