I know it has been such a long time since I last posted here. I feel so guilty! but then again, I haven’t taken much photographs for quite a long time. I terribly miss it. I think another reason for not shooting in film here is because of the developing in Kuwait ( I know it is not an excuse but Oh well )

The following film has pictures from two photo walks: one with Altaf and the other with Huda, using my Yashica-24. I must say, a twin lens camera is not really meant for street shots, unless you are planning on taking street portraits, because you take time to focus, it is heavy plus it grabs attention.

Anyhow, those photographs were taken with a 220mm film (Portra 400). The camera has a lightmeter which sometimes seems to work while other times not. However, some Photographs were taken using the lightmeter while others using the iPhone lightmeter app.

Note: Special thanks to Huda for developing the film and scanning it. Much appreciated.

First Photo Walk: Salhiya area, Kuwait city.




Second Photowalk: Friday Market, Kuwait.

Man 1

Two Men

Man 2

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