Polaroid and Kids



It’s amazing how, despite all the newer digital cameras, kids still get excited by the idea of instant photography. The looks I see on their faces every time I show them a picture taken only minutes before is always priceless, and a moment I will continue to cherish when shooting with my Polaroid.

Camera: Polaroid Land Camera 250         Film: Fuji FB-100


img149 img150 img151

5 thoughts on “Polaroid and Kids

  1. Yes lol my children think it is some kind of magic that the picture shows up in a few minutes lol.. The only problem I get when I shoot polaroids, is that kids want to keep the photographs!

  2. great photos! my polaroid land 450 is on its way and I can’t wait to try it. Never did the peel-off kind of polaroid. I already have my Polaroid SX-70 using Project Impossible films and I love it. oldies are goodies indeed.

    • It’s great camera. You will be surprised of the result. My advice is not to throw the peel side. Let dry and then you can bleach it and will be a negative of your photo : )

  3. I agree, kids really do think it’s magic. In fact I used to think it was magic!

    If I can ever help you out with a Polaroid model then please get in touch!

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