Candid Street

By coincidence, I had a chance to find a few expired films at a digital photo lab. The   owner of the shop (a studio photographer at the same time), placed the films at the shelves as a part of the decoration. He was surprised of my interest in buying them, and had suspicions towards me. But he felt Relieved when i told him: “Don’t worry, I’m self-taught student. I want to learn from my trial and error”.

He had one piece of film that caught my eyes. It was Kodak TMX-100, a professional 35mm black & white film. And because i don’t own 35mm cameras , I borrowed my cousins Minolta X700 attached with a 50mm f1.7 Manual Focus Prime Lens.

So i decided to test both the camera & film at the heart and soul of Kuwait. That is Souq Almubarkia, an open-air market which is a great place for street photography.

Sadly it didn’t take me long time to figure out that the lens had a focusing problem. Of course that got me very worried. So to save the mission i came for, i had to use the zone focus technique.

Below are some results of the candid photos i captured, that passed the lens problem.


img008 img014 img016img020


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