Portraits from Sana’a.

My trip to Yemen was brief and busy. I took all of my photos with a digital camera, and shot one roll of 120 film plus 3 pictures on a second roll. Sadly, my first roll of film was all underexposed! I was really upset, although I had taken the same shots with digital but I still feel like the quality is not the same. I’m glad I got these two shots however. I would love to go back to Yemen, it has a beautiful culture and friendly faces.

Rolleifelx 2.8 Planner                          Kodak Portra 160 expired 01/2010

Scan 8 Scan 9

11 thoughts on “Portraits from Sana’a.

  1. perhaps can check the accuracy of shutter speed. It also happened to me before. Sometimes the meter reading is correct, however, the shutter speeds may be faster than indicated. that might cause underexposure. … the same applies to overexposed shots

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