Pushed T-Max 100 to 400… Part 1

I’ve read a lot about pushing film and have seen a lot of pictures that have been pushed, and thought I’d give it a try during my trip to India. I was surprised with the results; some images were overexposed and some underexposed; very few had the right exposure. I did like the overexposed ones more.

If you have any information or have tried pushing film, please do share with us; I’d love to learn more about it.

My Camera: Canon AE-1 with 50mm lens                                                   Film used: Kodak T-Max 100 push to 400

8 thoughts on “Pushed T-Max 100 to 400… Part 1

  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing!
    I must admit that I have never either pushed nor pulled film. I don’t even know why I haven’t tried. Very very silly though I develop my own film, and there is so much fantastic effects to get….
    But your post got me waken up, and I’m definitely wanna try it and learn more about it.
    THANKS!! 🙂

  2. I’m not sure that over or under exposure is particularly a function of pushing your film – more about the way you metered each shot? Had they all been over or all under then it might be worth considering.
    As the pictures stand here (nice compositions!), I would suggest you have a look at the levels and adjust the dark end by pushing the right hand pointer to the right a little to push more pixels into black – use this in combination with the centre pointer to restore overall brightness if necessary. (if you have access to ‘Curves’ – you may find you can be more gentle)

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