Portraits From Cochin… Part 2

As soon as I arrived to Cochin, I had to go and see the dry ginger palace, as after seeing Not Just A Photo Blog’s video of it I had fallen in love. I started to take photos with my digital camera, but had in mind to go back again the next day with my Rolleiflex  2.8 planner and Kodak Portra 160 to take some portraits. All of these were one shot, except for two which I had to retake. None were edited, except for some cropping so that the sizing would be uniform.

You can see more from my digital camera here 

6 thoughts on “Portraits From Cochin… Part 2

  1. Your photos made me fall in love with Kodak Portra all over again. Truly stunning. I cant stop myself from scrolling back up and looking at them again.
    Absolutely amazing!

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