Touring Holland (1)


Location: Amsterdam

Time: August 2012

Film: Lomography Color Negative 800

Camera: Lubitel 166+

Note: A slight tone curve editing have been added. Original photos had a fade & dull appearance.

Amsterdam….”City of Bicycles”

Musical Show

Bicycle Taxi

Hot Dogs

Dam Square





5 thoughts on “Touring Holland (1)

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  2. It’s difficult to know how much to improve images derived from ‘lesser’ sources – correcting too much rather defeats the object and has the potential of destroying the very qualities we love about the output from the source. However, in this case, I suspect you made the right decision, and offer that it may be worth considering even more of an adjustment.

    • Very much appreciate your coment. I my self was objective towards futher processing after taking photos. But when i knew that even professional film photographers do it & encourage it slightly in term of enhancing the photo, i took a try. I must mention that i do a very slight adjustments in rare cases when needed only, & nothing to change the beauty of the photos.

      thank you again for passing & sharing your respectable thought.

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