Rolleiflex in Souk Al Mubarakiya… Part 1

I received another Rolleiflex camera from my brother a couple of weeks ago; it was in very good condition and included a few filters and other accessories. It’s the Rolleiflex F 2.8 Planner, equipped with a light meter. It’s the newer edition of my 2.8 E2. As soon as I got it I took it for a test run at Souk Al Mubarakiya; some shots came out with very good exposure but a few were over exposed because the sunlight was intense, and of course it was very hot (48’c). The film used is the Ilford HP5 Plus.

Previous post of Souk al Mubarakiya:

Lomogarphy redscale : A test roll                                                                                     Portait from Kuwait souk                                                                                               At Almobaraliy with film camera                                                                               Dates seller 



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