Yashica-24 twin lens

Someone got me the Yashica-24 in a very good condition a while ago. I was very happy thinking it would take the 120 film format but then I realized that it takes only 220 films. I was quite disappointed at first but when Huda found some expired Portra films on E-bay, I thought I’d give it a try. I must say, the results turned up really good. I loved the colours. This is my first time using a medium format camera, other than the Holga of course, and I’ve got to admit, looking through the viewfinder is just heavenly. Although it was a bit hard for me to focus in the beginning because of the twin lens flipped viewfinder but then I slowly got used to it.

I have read many links and pages on people who have used 120 film in it, some were successful, some say no (This guy has some beautiful 120 shots). I don’t mind using the 220 to be honest as it has the advantage of having more shots (24) but I just wish there was more choice. I also hope they don’t stop making them as they are quite hard to find as well.

Anyways, let me share some shots from it. I hope you like them like I did.

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