Scenes from Birmingham Streets

It always feel different whenever I shoot with Minolta DYNAX 404si, My first ever purchased camera that I got in the late 90s when I started to learn photography in Kuwait University. Those images above where taken in the United Kingdom, Birmingham city last year (2011). Unfortunately, It’s too hard for me to remember which film I used. Add to this, my negatives are yet to be sorted after I moved back to Kuwait. I never get empty handed whenever I take pictures in that city because everything is interesting and attractive to my eye. There’s always a subject out there, and most people appreciate street photography. Moreover, Putting myself in one frame with another subject in one or two shots per film is a ritual I follow whenever I go for shooting (see last pic). I hope you enjoy what picked from that film as a first post on Shoot Film blog.

Athoob Alshuaibi – Twitter: @athoob
Documentary & Contemporary Photographer

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