At Almobarakiya with a film camera

Two weeks ago I had a photo walk to test my new camera, Zorki 4. It’s a Russian rangefinder camera that been produced between 1956- 1973. I bought it from Ukraine via eBay. It’s a solid camera, and really feels good in the hand with its weight. The camera is clean and in a very good condition in over all. It has a serial no. 68005030 which means it was built in 1968. The lens is clean with wide f2 aperture, the shutter speed dialler works fine and the focusing ring works smoothly.

I choose Almobarakiya, the old market in Kuwait to test the camera, because it’s full of life, with beautiful lighting during the day, beside people there used to photographers and cameras.

The results came out beautiful but grainy a bit. I love the grains, but when and where it should be, and the photos came out grainy unlike what I expected. Maybe because of the scanning which I made at home and I’m new at it, or the film was bad. I’ll test it again with another film to see the amount of grains I’ll get.

All the photos taken with Zorki 4 with Jupiter 8 50mm f2 lens, b&w Illford ISO 400 PH5 Plus film.

I’ll leave you with some exposures of that day.

By Sami Alramyan


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