Portraits from Marrakech.

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My favourite film is the expired Kodak Portra 35mm. I think it was the best choice of film for my trip to Marrakech. The Kodak Portra is known for portraits in natural light. I found out that even in really … Continue reading

Candid Street

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By coincidence, I had a chance to find a few expired films at a digital photo lab. The   owner of the shop (a studio photographer at the same time), placed the films at the shelves as a part of the decoration. … Continue reading

The “Red City” Marrakech in Portra

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The first thing I noticed on my way from the airport to our hotel is the orange-red clay colour of the old Medina. I couldn’t wait till the next morning to take some photos with my Canon AE-1 and Kodak Portra film. … Continue reading

Portraits from Morocco


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Last month I bought Polaroid Land 250 from Film photography project, and I knew it would be great camera to use on my trip to Marrakech. It was perfect for taking portrait photos and people would instantly be mesmerised by the camera … Continue reading

In Jakarta

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I took the Yashica-24 with me on my last trip to Indonesia and I must say, although I love using it, it was not practical. I did not take a lot of photographs with it to be honest as I … Continue reading

New film Photography sites

I have discovered two websites dedicated to film photography, Film shooters collective is blog that was only recently started two months ago, and already has 120 photographers  from around the world sharing their photos through the website itself, and it’s tumblr and facebook pages. Film shooters collective are currently aiming to reach 500 members. They welcome all and every film photographer interested in showcasing their photos.

The second website is called March of film and it’s a theme-based project. Throughout the month of March there will be an ongoing film photography project. A list of ten themes will be announced on the first of March and you can upload photos related to the themes on their flickr group. At the end of March, the creators are planning to publish a book of the best photos they’ve received. You can follow them on twitter to get the latest updates.

Other Portraits from the Kuwait Souk.

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Every time I visit Kuwait, I have to pass by the Souk Al Mubarakiya. I always find interesting people there, and in the winter the morning light is wonderful. Although all of these photos were taken indoors, the soft lighting inside was lovely. … Continue reading